Engineering Manager

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India | Engineering | Full-time


About Us

Whatfix is disrupting the way Application Support and Learning content is consumed by providing Contextual and Interactive WalkThroughs inside enterprise applications at the exact time a task is being performed. 

We provide enterprises with a Software Platform that allows them to create Interactive Guides or Flows that sit as an overlay inside any web application. Flows are Contextual - appear based on where you are in the application (location) and who you are (role). Optimal performance and adoption of any web application is attained when there is easy access to Contextual Information - inside the application at the time a task is being performed. 

We are also extending this capability to Desktop & Mobile in the coming versions.


Our Team

The Engineering team at Whatfix provides end to end engineering throughput that forms part of core platforms and services that drive Whatfix business.

Our team is responsible for creating the Customer Platform and everything around it - be it Analytics, Infrastructure or Core Algorithms. The team owns and is responsible for all pieces that we design, build and support end to end for Whatfix product/ business.

On a monthly basis, millions of interactive guides are processed. Building, testing, and deploying to any of our environments are as simple as pushing a commit to a git branch. We like to keep our technology up-to-date. All of the technology is built and maintained by this small development team, so from day 1, software you write will be used by people from all over the world. 



  • As an Engineering Manager, You will always be recruiting, retaining and adjusting. Keeping your team at the top of their game and motivated is one of your many working threads.
  • You will devise and communicate top-level objectives and measures of success to guide your teams, challenge them, and hold them accountable. By doing this right, they will love you for it.
  • You will partner with Product Management to devise an executable roadmap that you will deliver with your team and peers. PMs will bring the market requirements, you’ll bring the technical reality; the result will be a balanced, pragmatic, and aggressive plan of attack.
  • You will make decisions about how best to execute and deliver; you will consider the myriad technical opportunities and constraints and collaborate with others to come up with the best plan possible for executing the strategy.
  • You will not let your development skills atrophy. Not only will getting your hands dirty enable you to scratch that engineering itch it will endear you to your team and enable you to operate with greater respect and influence.
  • You will deliver high-quality, high-value software often and will strive to cultivate of culture of continuous integration / continuous delivery.
  • You will deliver trustworthy software by assuring the adherence of security and quality standards and will, as part of your development process, provide evidence to certify its release-ability.
  • You will run and operate what you build. You will embrace the Development-Operations philosophy and devise an operating model where product development and site reliability engineering are not mutually exclusive.


Who You’ll Work With 

  • You will be business partners with Product Management, equal shareholders of product ownership; they will be the Director of Marketing to your Chief Technology Office.
  • You will work with staff Architects and Engineers at all levels inside and outside of your immediate teams; managing up, down, across, diagonally, inside and out – whatever it takes to deliver customer value.
  • You will have the opportunity to work with members of the Sales, Customer Success, Support, and Marketing areas of the business unit. It will not be uncommon for you to meet with and present to cherished Partners and Customers.


Who You Are

--  You are a Software Engineer by training, trade and passion. You can still code a bit but your focus in the recent past as an Engineering Manager has been enabling others to deliver more and more effectively.
--  Excellent Hands on experience in atleast any 2 of the below:

(a) Core Java with other frontend technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript 

(b) Android / iOS application development

(c) C# and .Net framework development

--  You have seen a lot of architectures and designs in a variety of styles, industries, and environments. You may have even been the Architect or Lead on a few of these and you have the scars and medals to prove it. You understand the role of Architects and know their importance and how to empower and hold them accountable.
-- You are opinionated about development methodologies and what works and what doesn’t. You are biased towards Lean and Agile principles and practices and ultimately drive towards business outcomes over output.
--  You have the heart of a teacher. You love to be taught and to teach. You can give high and low-level demonstrations and presentations to a variety of audiences. You seek opportunities to coach and mentor because you understand we are all students yearning to grow. You pay it forward.
--  You get things done and never give up. You are driven and biased towards execution and delivery taking on what needs to be done and owning it through to the end and beyond. You lead by example with your tenacity and extreme ownership ethic.
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